Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at The Retreat at Ngorongoro, strongly believe in giving back to the community that we operate in. It is of prime importance to us that consideration for our local communities and environment are at the heart of our business strategy.

Our strategy: We place huge importance on creating sustainable communities that balance human development with environmental protection. We have placed the following issues at the core of our outreach work:-

  • Education: We believe that education is a necessity and not a privilege. Our children need to be equipped with the necessary education, skills and training in order to meet the development needs of the communities they live in. The Retreat at Ngorongoro has actively built a school nearby; with classrooms, resourcing nurseries and other initiatives to support children from low-income families in Karatu, a district close to many safari attractions. We are currently doing the play-ground as well as sponsoring Girls from some villages to go to School.
  • Employment: We have employed over 90% staff from the surrounding villages, training many for scratch and helping them support their families. We have seen both Pride & Joy in them as they work with us in out little paradise.
  • Water: Access to clean water is critical for both urban and rural settlements. Where water supplies are limited, women and children often walk long distances to find a source. In conjunction with World Serve International, Angel Mission and clients from Roy Safaris, we have supported a well project in Karatu. We have also funded the local municipality water pipeline to the village nearby.
  • Reforestation: Farming, firewood needs and charcoal production can often lead to uncontrolled tree cutting. This has far-reaching impacts on the ecosystem. Around Karatu, the Eucalyptus tree, planted for firewood, have become an invasive species. The Retreat at Ngorongoro has acquired land bordering the Ngorongoro Forest, which was heavily infested with Eucalyptus trees. We have completely removed Eucalyptus trees and have planted over 45,000 indigenous trees. On the other side of The Retreat we are actively planting Indigenous trees as well as Fruit & Nut trees, with the support of well wishers and clients of the Retreat who wish to engage in tree planting activities. It is very fulfilling to plant trees and contribute to a greener-earth; cleaner air and a sustainable environment.
  • Carbon emission: The Retreat at Ngorongoro continually works to minimize its carbon footprint. We work to ensure our vehicles are well maintained and use suitable fuel to achieve this goal. We use Solar panels for heating our water.
  • These achievements are only possible with the support of our clients, well wishers and staff.
    We look forward to broadening our responsibility programme and welcome any support from guests & well-wishers alike in our endeavors.