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Story behind The Retreat at Ngorongoro.

Our humble beginnings in the hotel industry date back to 2004, when we first started thinking of creating The African Tulip Hotel. Many of our clients had saved money for years for their first trip to Africa and understandably, they were looking for simple yet spacious accommodation at a reasonable price for their first night on safari. Why, they asked us, did so many hotels in Arusha outfit their decor such that it looked like nothing we dreamt about? Thanks to their insight and feedback, we came up with an idea of how to meet their needs. The African Tulip is now ranked the #1 hotel in Arusha on Trip Advisor. Our mission was accomplished.

Born and raised in Tanzania, my wife and I have seen many changes in our homeland. We remember growing up in Tanzania amid the flora and fauna and wilderness. When walking through forests to get to school, one of our favorite games was identifying animal footprints - learning the difference between house cat prints and that of a leopard. Observing an incredible number and different species of birds as well as learning about the various wild fruit trees offered us a daily 'safari.'

My wife and I have two children, and we wanted them to experience nature as we did when growing up. When we tell our son and daughter stories about what we did, saw and learned as children, it seems like a fairy tale to them. Growing up in Arusha, there is no longer much opportunity to see/experience the things we did as children.

With our son and daughter in mind and witnessing many changes ourselves over the years, we decided to the idea of harmony with nature was something they and others should experience.

So, in 2012 my wife and I took on another challenge - to build a lodge near Ngorongoro. Something that was small but yet large enough to be commercially viable. Our goal was to build something that had a soul and incorporated a lot of what our customers said they wanted: space, privacy, a place where children could be children, and that is as close to a nature experience as possible - without compromising on creature comforts.

We are proud of what we achieved with The Retreat at Ngorongoro and we invite you to share in our Tanzanian hospitality.

Susan and Sanjay Pandit.

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